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Reseller and Referral Program for Cloud Desktops and Exchange

We are currently looking for resellers and partners to recommend us to their clients for a referral fee or resell it as part of their own service package.

A typical partner will be someone that is in a trusted B2B relationship with the end business already or these are typically:

    • Accountants
    • Small I.T companies without a Cloud solution
    • Bookkeepers
    • Business Mentors
    • Web Designers
    • Software Developers
    • Marketing specialists
    • Consultants

A reseller will purchase our services and sell this onto their end client adding a margin for themselves.


However most of our partners prefer a referral fee, this will be 10% of the monthly gross revenue per month. This is paid for the life of the customer's service from us plus a potential sign up bonus for larger deals.


We can also include free or reduced price services for your own business which makes it much easier to recommend to your end clients with confidence and integrity.

If you are interested in signing up as a reseller or have a client you think may benefit from our solutions please contact our team today on 01209 311067.

always connected..

Remain connected to your live business data held within your Cloud Desktop which is held in our data centre from either a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

fast, reliable and secure

Using the latest Dell 10Gbps networking, lightning fast solid state hard drives, dual routed fibre leased lines through enterprise grade firewalls ensures you data comes to you in a fast, reliable and secure manner.

software as a service

We include all the Microsoft licenses including the latest Microsoft Office as part of your contract reducing the need for any capital expenditure while remaining up to date.

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